People are equipped with knowledge, skills and connections

Long term change takes knowledge, resources and the ability to deal with adversity. At YFS we work alongside people to identify and achieve their goals, and coach them to cope with stress, solve problems, and build resilience. A vital way of building resilience is by connecting people with family, friends, community, and culture.

2020-21 Highlights

  • An evaluation of our Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare trial found that the model resulted in improved skills such as emotional regulation, parenting skills and calming strategies, reduced mental distress and improved family relationships. The Queensland Government will provide ongoing funding.

  • Our Next Step Plus team initiated Create Your Future workshops to support young people leaving out-of-home care plan for living independent adult lives.

  • YFS Legal worked with First Nations organisations to develop and trial community education materials to address needs identified by community members, including information for older people about wills and materials for young people about their rights with police.

  • With support from AGL, we delivered Home Energy information sessions and individual education to help people manage their home energy use and lower their energy bills.

  • Our ParentsNext service helped 492 parents improve their work readiness skills, develop career goals and participate in activities to build their confidence.

  • Our Assessment and Service Connect team connected 144 families with the services and supports they needed to improve their children’s safety and wellbeing.

Future change

YFS will partner with the Brisbane South PHN, ATSICHS and Micah Projects to create a new service that links people with mental illness with support to maintain a stable home and pursue their recovery goals.

Through relationships with local Elders, YFS will build new opportunities for our staff and the people we work with to connect with First Nations culture and knowledge.

Quick statistics

449 young people engaged in programs and services to build their life skills

431 families engaged in programs to build their understanding of child development

1,584 people participated in our financial and legal community education

Changing our approach to community education

Our teams continued to build community knowledge to help people avoid or resolve issues around things like housing, money, the law, safety and child development. In 2020-21 we tried some new approaches to getting messages to people, including video, podcasts and TikTok.

Our Legal and Financial Capability teams created videos about topics including domestic violence, party safety, and managing energy use. Some of our Pasifika staff worked on a series of videos in Samoan about buying a car and about domestic violence-related topics. Podcasting was a new channel we explored in our Legal team and R4Respect. R4Respect also explored the potential of TikTok to reach young people with messages about consent, gender and respectful relationships.

Youthlink backs Jayde to get back to school

“I met Kia at just the right time. She has really helped me get my life back together. YFS has helped me find accommodation, helped me get back into school and study, and helped with my health. Life is a lot better now – it’s really good.”
- Youthlink participant Jayde

When Jayde connected with Kia from our Youthlink program, she was couch surfing and not attending school. Since engaging with YFS she has finished school and completed a Certificate II training course. Jayde is continuing to work with our Shift outreach team to further build her ability to cope independently.

Squad gives young dads opportunities to learn and connect

Dean participated in Young Dads’ Squad – a safe environment for young dads to get together. Held at Substation33, young dads focus on building a sensory box, helping them to develop new skills while learning about the importance of child development. At the same time, they can connect with other young fathers and share their experiences. Dean is now working with YFS as a mentor to other young dads.

Watch our video about the Young Dads’ Squad.

“Young Dads’ Squad has helped me connect with other dads without being judged or feeling out of place. I’ve learnt more about how to read my children’s behaviour and how to cope better with them.”
- Young Dads’ Squad participant Dean
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“Our Theory of Change recognises that we need to work together within YFS and also in partnership beyond our organisation to achieve lasting change.”