People feel safe and well, and hopeful

Our work is grounded in a shared understanding of people’s experiences, needs, challenges and strengths. We help people change their lives by working alongside them to assist them to identify and achieve their goals, giving them hope for the future and confidence to succeed.

2020-21 Highlights

  • Our domestic violence teams faced significant increases in demand due to COVID-19 impacts. Additional short-term government funding meant we could work with more people impacted by violence in 2020-21.

  • We trialed using Zoom groups in our Responsible Men program. A review by Central Queensland University indicated that this approach has potential benefits to increase access to behaviour change programs for men and has been very useful during COVID-19 outbreaks to maintain continuity for men in our groups.

  • We offered a much-needed Responsible Men group in Beaudesert for the first time.

  • We were proud to see R4Respect, Men4Respect and the COVID-19 Community Response teams recognised in their communities, including Logan City Council’s Safe City Award recognising Men4Respect for making Logan more welcoming, inclusive and safe.

  • The YFS Legal Team created a series of videos to answer common legal questions regarding domestic and family violence including Samoan language videos.

  • Peer educators from our R4Respect initiative partnered with RizeUp and Storybooq Animations and Design to work on a four-part animation series that explains sexual consent in terms young children can understand.

Future change

In 2021-22 we will trial Turning Points, a group program for women who have used violence in their intimate partner relationships.

Our Step by Step team will explore ways to build young parents’ safe relationships skills over the next two years.

Quick statistics

911 women and children were supported by our domestic violence teams, a 34% increase

466 men engaged in domestic violence behavior change, a 5% increase

849 young people and families engaged in wellbeing services

Changing the story about adolescent violence

In 2020-21 we introduced the Side by Side initiative for mums and their sons. Side by Side targets adolescent boys who have witnessed domestic violence and are currently using abusive, controlling or coercive behaviours in their relationship with their mothers.

YFS domestic violence team members Dave and Leia developed the group therapy program that aims to promote attitudinal and behavioural change by addressing the impact of trauma and rebuilding the mother-son attachment relationship. Ultimately, Side by Side aims to reduce violence towards mothers and decrease risk of future domestic violence by young participants as adults.

Team effort helps Logan get back on track

YFS Community Youth Response worker Mike supported Logan to get his life back on track, while our Functional Family Therapy – Child Welfare therapist Gregory helped the whole family learn new ways to back Logan to thrive.

“Gregory helped pull us back together. He really helped us see the bigger picture – the goal at the end and how we were going to achieve it.“
- Logan’s mum Lisa
“I feel as if Anita has given me my wings to fly.”
- Project Hera participant Sam

Sam gets her hope back with help from Project Hera

When Sam first met Anita from YFS through Project Hera – a domestic violence support service – she was in a dark place. By connecting Sam to various YFS services including financial counselling and Youthlink for her son, Anita has helped Sam set goals and look forward to a brighter future for herself and her son.

Watch Sam’s story…

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“Our Theory of Change recognises that we need to work together within YFS and also in partnership beyond our organisation to achieve lasting change.”